1.Performing the blood analysis test and interpreting the results

1.1.Please note that our blood test analysis is not a diagnosis but an analysis in which we give you recommendations based on your results for different areas of health. Our analysis is for informational purpose and helps you to understand your blood test results, but it is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You follow our recommendations at your own risk. In some respects, our reference values may deviate from official reference value ranges. If you have blood test results that are clearly outside of the official recommended value ranges, we suggest that you contact your physician.

1.2.If you are on regular medication, do not make any changes in your treatment plan or medication without consulting your physician.

2 NG is not responsible for any harm or consequences that may result from performing our blood test analysis or following our recommendations.


Blood test analysis is will be interpreted anonymously and the results will not be linked to you personally.